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PostSubject: NAGRAVISION 1-2   Sat Oct 27, 2012 5:27 pm

N 1D01 00 BA5495689F921D99 ;Multi Choice Cable TV
N 1D01 01 7B8EBC1C9EE584D8 ;Multi Choice Cable TV
N 3901 00 D12ECF4769546786 ;Digital Cable Group
N 3901 01 25F48BCFD893FB5F ;Digital Cable Group
N 3B01 00 B07E50460F558518 ;Teleclub Swiss Cable
N 3B01 01 42E2B1376EE5F452 ;Teleclub Swiss Cable
N 5401 00 7AF7515972D637A7 ;NTL Ireland Cable TV
N 5401 01 E53477908B06DD60 ;NTL Ireland Cable TV
N 5501 00 A95D4EFE20E12D03 ;NTL UK Cable TV
N 5501 01 886B697E94B6BB1E ;NTL UK Cable TV
N 5B01 00 CF530C3379617185 ;Telewest Cable TV
N 5B01 01 525E8D45FC75F64A ;Telewest Cable TV
N 5D01 00 BBA9DC6B4CC4705F ;EX-CW Cable Wireless
N 5D01 01 4EC4484DB7D3A41B ;EX-CW Cable Wireless
N 5F01 00 CE192E8780617490 ;Chorus Cable TV
N 5F01 01 62FAD9F3CE05FA79 ;Chorus Cable TV
N C901 00 E134079992603E3B ;RTN (95.0°W)
N C901 01 AF96389F9259304A ;RTN (95.0°W)
N 1101 00 9AF11CE0871C97911FFF4099851B867D ;Kabel Deutschland (23.5°E)
N 1101 01 9AF11CE0871C97911FFF4099851B867D ;Kabel Deutschland (23.5°E)
N 1101 M1 C75C2FECF494F6DD71BBF898C63F7FEBA11345DF14C71EE656BC23016C2F90A881429B82A68C095E472C997752D5890341CF9E06691672482718750B918AAE92 ;Kabel Deutschland (23.5°E)
N 4B11 00 6BF9BC5019AD9731CADD0C11F701CCFA ;Munda Galicia Cable TV (spain)
N 4B11 01 11FB739EE3DEC5ADA6146777A38652FE ;Munda Galicia Cable TV (spain)
N 4B11 M1 3D4737225FFC0A5727425FFA34122F04022F02053544532502D52454C5F312E312E330020222F262E0220222F28240C60BB7776262599A444B522F07824A8783 ;Munda Galicia Cable TV (spain)
N 7301 00 71AB80627218D45A63460DE16DBAD7AA ;Cablecom Swiss Cable TV (Switzerland)
N 7301 01 F2C9BFD2CCB61E5B8113D6B2B079A3E0 ;Cablecom Swiss Cable TV (Switzerland)
N 7301 M1 7544E982065D53E7CF049AF2E725544A50268DA1462F15D8A197ECE4B80FE221122F92AD56324380A04878EBF563427DD85C38645907583E23AC5153E300CF84 ;Cablecom Swiss Cable TV (Switzerland)
N 7306 00 8672A892DE068BAE95815EDCB3BBF4C5 ;Telefônica TV Digital Brasil (61.0°W)
N 7306 01 FA571257882F518B4706BD1C77831731 ;Telefônica TV Digital Brasil (61.0°W)
N 7306 M1 DF08773528CFC8931B02821FE92CB98870412159AACCFF06F02058E7B58B2910436532607965B585679B01310C746D05B6769D0A20FFB844B2551D923D3E8680 ;Telefônica TV Digital Brasil (61.0°W)
N 7311 00 F04A89588E9AEDC022462392B58FF450 ;Telefônica TV Digital Brasil (61.0°W)
N 7311 01 54A3C51018EEDA365D0D4017AEC20FB9 ;Telefônica TV Digital Brasil (61.0°W)
N 7311 M1 DF08773528CFC8931B02821FE92CB98870412159AACCFF06F02058E7B58B2910436532607965B585679B01310C746D05B6769D0A20FFB844B2551D923D3E8680 ;Telefônica TV Digital Brasil (61.0°W)
N 9501 00 1ACEE6A612C5686520143A80531363DC ;Hong Kong Cable TV (138.0°E)
N 9501 01 3E4F0953BDDD3FE903EB7DECCD48E020 ;Hong Kong Cable TV (138.0°E)
N 9501 M1 FB28FBD72F24F8472C7B51EE0662804096552A352D3D5CB0C0D7D0CFF430C8F898DC3240D0A55597BF99E47478A0172A691CB79043EDA7FE986177C873CD4385 ;Hong Kong Cable TV (138.0°E)
N C102 00 5BCE65625FA4ED509594CE7C4B907ECB ;Tv Globo Internaticional (13.0°E)
N C102 01 D7CBE93D30E2C9139107387457DB9023 ;Tv Globo Internaticional (13.0°E)
N C102 M1 3122D1C22907B398DC253FEA29D03385971FD3DFBBD5235A531959E94C86637847DDE58E6E8997A411D7031F8AA0CB0A3EBB7C420E043B31F6EADA31100C2AA0 ;Tv Globo Internaticional (13.0°E)
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